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Rotary Shoes, manufactured from specially heat-treated alloy, provide the ultimate in toughness and durability. This tool is used to cut a clearance between the fish and the wall of the wellbore. Each shoe is designed to fit a particular downhole need and is run on the bottom of the washover string. Shoe design is dictated by where it will cut: on the bottom, on the outside diameter or on the inside diameter. When hole size permits, additional clearances can be cut by using side ribs to enable greater circulation. We offer two basic types of rotary shoes – Tooth-Type (Type A) and Burning-Type (Type B).


Special Notes

  • Unless otherwise specified, shoes will be furnished with the same inside diameter as the washover string.
  • Any specified inside diameter larger than standard can be furnished with no additional charge.
  • For hard-faced teeth only (no side ribs), use plain teeth price as a base, plus $28 per diameter inch of teeth outside diameter.
  • For hard-faced outside ribs, use hard-faced teeth price as a base, plus $12 per diameter inch of rib outside diameter.
  • For bodies longer than 16 inches, add per inch charge for each additional inch of length ordered.
  • All Rotary Shoes are available dressed with crushed sintered tungsten carbide hard facing.
  • For oversized shoes, add 10% per ¼ inch or portion thereof left oversize on outside diameter or undersize inside diameter.

How to Order

When ordering please specify:

  • Pipe outside diameter and weight
  • Shoe type
  • Dressed outside diameter and/or inside diameter as required in shoe description


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