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The Series 150 Releasing and Circulating Overshot is designed to engage, packoff and retrieve damaged or lost tubulars from the wellbore. Its simple design and operation make it one of the most efficient, versatile and reliable tools in the field, and it offers maximum strength and pulling power without damaging or distorting the tool or fish.



Standard Features

  • Top sub
  • Bowl
  • Standard guide
  • Spiral grapple
  • Basket grapple
  • Grapple controls
  • Pack-off mechanism

Recommended Accessories

  • Nitralloy Grapple
  • Wall Hook Guide
  • Oversized Guide
  • Extension Sub
  • Overshot Milling Shoe
  • Inner & Outer Seal
  • Overshot Mill Extension
  • Lock Ring
  • Spacer Ring

Recommended Spares

  • Spiral: 3 packers, 2 grapples and 2 controls
  • Basket: 2 grapples and 2 mill control packers
  • Mill Control Packer: 3 inner and outer seals

Special Notes

  • If top sub, bowl or guide is left undersized or oversized, add 205 for the first ¼ inch or portion thereof and an additional 10% for each additional ¼ inch or portion thereof.
  • For Basket Grapples with long catch stop, add 10% to Basket Grapple price.
  • For Basket Grapples with short catch stop, add 25% to Basket Grapple price.
  • For Basket Grapples with R.H. wickers, add 20% to Basket Grapple price.
  • For left hand overshot, add 20% to assembly and parts price
  • F.S. (Full Strength) – Engineered to withstand all pulling, torsional and jarring stain
  • X.F.S. (Extra Full Strength) – Engineered for special hole condition commensurate with maximum strength
  • S.H. (Slim Hole) – Engineered to withstand heavy pulling strains only
  • X.S.H. (Extra Slim Hole) – Engineered for pick up jobs only

How to Order

When ordering please specify:

  • Name and part number of assembly
  • Top connection required
  • Outside diameter of fish to be retrieved
  • Outside diameter of tool (if nonstandard)


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