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Remedial & Repair Overview

Repair is a vital part of all fishing operations, and our rollers, scrapers and patches will help. 

Restore your workstring to their original state. All products are available in standard and custom sizes.

Available Products


The damaged portion of casing must be cut and removed from the hole. It is important to properly cut and dress the top of the downhole casing for effective engagement and pack off. The top of the string remaining downhole must be prepared for engagement. Preparation can include rolling the casing with a Gotco Casing Roller to assure roundness and proper diameter.


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This tool is designed to externally engage with damaged tubing or casing, pack it off and become an integral part of the casing or tubing. The “fish” must be properly prepared prior to engaging with the casing patch. It is capable of sealing off the fish in both directions, providing a leak-proof seal, which can be released if needed.

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The Casing Roller is a repair tool designed to restore buckled, collapsed and dented casing to its original diameter. It is manufactured from specially selected alloys and designed specifically to resist wear.


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The Casing Scraper is designed to remove scale, mud cake, cement sheath, embedded bullets and other foreign material from the inside of the casing wall. Maintaining a clean casing inside diameter is vital to the efficient operation of downhole tools used in drilling the well. The resulting smooth surface properly prepares the casing for subsequent downhole operations such as packer setting and squeeze tools. This tool is designed for maximum strength and durability, enduring rigid non-destructive testing to ensure the highest quality product.


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