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Milling Overview

We offer a wide range of equipment that will assist you with all milling and washover operations. With these tools, you can cut and remove the cuttings from the wellbore. All products are available in standard and custom sizes.

Available Products


The Boot Basket (Junk Sub) is an accessory tool used in milling or drilling operations. It is designed to prevent cuttings that are too heavy to be circulated from settling to the bottom of the hole. This tool is manufactured from high-strength heat-treated alloy to withstand wear.


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Our Junk Mills make any milling job easy. Manufactured with high strength heat-treated alloy, this tool cuts the toughest fish such as alloy steel packers, squeeze tools, perforating guns, drill pipe, tool joints, reamers, reamer blades and rock bits. We offer a full line of mills, including Skirted Junk Mills, Pilot Mills, Combination Mills and Taper Mills. All mills are available as bit type or with optional fishing neck and hard surface wear pads. This tool is customizable, available either dressed with super tough Gotcoloy or without carbide dressing for customers who prefer to dress their own mill. Adding further versatility, the API connection can be left blank.


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