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Washover Overview

We offer a wide range of equipment that will assist you in all washover operations. All products are available in standard and custom sizes.

Available Products


Our Drive Subs are made from high-grade, heat-treated alloy steel to provide maximum strength and durability. This tool provides the crossover connection between the drill pipe string and the washover string.


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Lift Plugs are designed to provide an economical method of handling washover strings. They have sufficient shoulder diameter to support handling the washover string and can be ordered with or without lifting bail. This tool is available in all thread types and sizes.


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Rotary Shoes, manufactured from specially heat-treated alloy, provide the ultimate in toughness and durability. This tool is used to cut a clearance between the fish and the wall of the wellbore. Each shoe is designed to fit a particular downhole need and is run on the bottom of the washover string. Shoe design is dictated by where it will cut: on the bottom, on the outside diameter or on the inside diameter. When hole size permits, additional clearances can be cut by using side ribs to enable greater circulation. We offer two basic types of rotary shoes – Tooth-Type (Type A) and Burning-Type (Type B).


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The Washover Safety Joint is designed to provide safe and easy release and makeup when disengagement from the washover string becomes necessary. This tool is dependable and field-tough, created to transmit torque in either direction when placed in the washover string.


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We offer one of the largest selections of washover tubulars in the industry. All washover pipe has a two-step double-shouldered thread joint with flush outside and inside diameters. This buttress-type thread assures quick makeup and high torsion strength. A wide assortment of sizes is available, ranging in outside diameters from 3 ½ to 20 inches.


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