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Junk Catchers Overview

Our Gotco Fishing Tools line offers junk catchers to help you remove lost or broken debris, or “junk,” from the wellbore. All products are available in standard and custom sizes.

Available Products


The Core Type Junk Basket is a junk retrieval tool designed to retrieve all types of objects from the bottom of the wellbore. This easy-to-use tool removes such items as slips, hand tools and bit cones. The basic assembly consists of a top sub barrel, type A mill shoe and upper and lower catchers.


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The Ditch Magnet is the best available and most effective tool for removing metal particles from drilling mud. High quality stainless steel is used to encapsulate a series of extra strength magnet elements assuring maximum pick-up capacity.


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The Fishing Magnet is a junk retrieval tool designed to effectively remove metal particles, shavings and debris from the bottom of the wellbore. It is one of the strongest magnets on the market today, and it incorporates generous circulation holes, which wash away debris that would otherwise prevent contact with the magnet. This tool can be run with wireline or pipe.


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The Impression Block is an accessory tool used to accurately determine the dimensions and configuration of the upper end of a fish as well as to check its condition and position in the wellbore.


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The Jet Type Junk Basket is designed to recover objects from the bottom of the wellbore. This superior tool removes items such as slips, hand tools, rock bit cones and any other small pieces of junk from the well. 


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