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Accessory Tools Overview

Find what you need to strengthen and improve your fishing experience with our fishing accessory tools. This line of tools is designed to assist you during oilfield operations by providing easy-to-use products that will withstand any condition. All products are available in standard and custom sizes.

Available Products


The Z-Type Jar Impact Amplifier is designed to be run with the Hydraulic Fishing Jar. It accelerates the upward motion of the drill collars and the fishing jar, allowing the operator to apply significantly greater impact to the fish. It is especially useful in deviated holes where friction may reduce the impact of the jar or in shallow holes where there is insufficient string length to provide adequate stretch to the running string. It also acts also as a shock absorber to the rebounding string, protecting it from damage.


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The Z-Type Fishing Jar is easy to use with various operations, including fishing, testing, coring, reaming and washover. Constructed from high-strength, impact-resistant alloy, this product is designed to deliver an upward blow and is particularly helpful when the string is stuck or restricted.


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The Lead Impression Block is used to accurately determine the dimensions of the upper end of a fish as well as to check its condition and position in the wellbore. The soft lead lower end of the impression block will capture an impression of the fish when contact is made.


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