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Accessory Tools Overview

Find what you need to strengthen and improve your fishing experience with our fishing accessory tools. This line of tools is designed to assist you during oilfield operations by providing easy-to-use products that will withstand any condition. All products are available in standard and custom sizes.

Available Products


The Gotco Crossover Sub (Rotary Sub) provides a connection between joints of different size or type of drilling, washover or tubing strings. This tool may be used in applications when it is necessary to have frequent disconnection points. All of our subs are manufactured from high alloy heat-treated steel and are threaded to the customer’s specifications.


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The Gotco Drilling Safety Joint is manufactured to provide safe and easy release and makeup when disengagement becomes necessary. It is a dependable, field-tough tool designed to transmit torque in either direction when placed in the drill, fishing or washover string.


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Elevator Lift Subs are used to handle the washover string and have an upper shoulder as well as a reduced neck for securing in the elevator. They are manufactured from a single piece of high alloy, heat-treated steel.


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The Lubricated Bumper Sub is designed to withstand repetitive and sustained loads in severe fishing, drilling and well workover operations. It is manufactured with high-grade alloy steel and engineered to reduce high degrees of stress concentration in critical areas, promoting longer service life and a better quality tool. This tool can be stroked upward or downward, with the average stroke between 10 and 18 inches. Other sizes are available upon request.


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The Mechanical Bumper Sub is a highly dependable tool suitable for all fishing operations, especially harsh downhole applications. Our Bumper Sub operations include releasing stuck drill pipe, drill collars, tubing, test tools and safety joints. This tool also functions well when used with an overshot or spear.


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